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Ethereum Blockchain’s New Bitcoin ‘Will’ Sellout — Mollars ICO Now Past 65% Sold

Ethereum Blockchain got its own new Bitcoin flying under the radar, kind of.  Publications like  CryptoNews, BitcoinInsider, and CryptoPotato have all mentioned the token; but just as the initial coin offering for BTC in 2011,  the new store-of-value asset has a token presale that’s drawn uncertainty from investors. However, now at 65% sold out, perhaps it’s time for crypto traders to pay attention to Mollars token presale, before the last 35% is gone.

Mollars Has No Reason To Scam, Here’s Why It Will Launch Next Month

Anytime a new token comes along, doubt is a natural part of the consumer review.  However,there are key factors that separate Mollars from the rug pulls and scams.  It has no reason to not launch. 

First, Mollars white papers makes it clear what the founder of the token and developers get from launching this token. And they will not hide wallets like Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi or Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi.  

The tokenomics of the project show that professionals involved with the token will be paid from token presale funds. It’s not  a ‘back end’ project like 90% of cryptocurrencies today.

Why are the professionals involved earning in the beginning?  It’s simple — the public will truly own Mollars (MOLLARS) tokens in its entirety.   This is the ultimate decentralization and what even Bitcoin fails to offer.

Buying tokens will be an equal opportunity and there will be no wallets holding millions of tokens, leaching from the liquidity pool that develops later.   Security, speed, and low fees will be of the utmost value for everyone, including the founders & developers of Mollars.

They will earn from the project, but if they want to own a part of its future, the creators behind this project will have to spend and be ‘affected’ by  market trends just as any other person.

It may seem simple, but that level of decentralization is important.

What Is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Networth & How’s It Affect Bitcoin’s Future?

In comparison, Satoshi Nakamoto who claimed to be doing crypto ‘for the people,’ has been called out for having 1-million Bitcoins in a  stashed wallet. The massive supply is just under 5% of the 21-million Bitcoins that will ever be made.  Satoshi, whoever he is, can influence the market by selling all his tokens at any given moment.    

Satoshi’s supply makes him a very heavy force and with no one confirming who he is, the token  could be a creation of a world government from today. Why not?

The value of Nakamoto’s 1-million bitcoins today would be over $64,000,000,000 (billion) dollars.  The massive sum would make him one of the richest people in the world with a networth of just under 30% of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. 

The staggering amount would suggest, if not confirm, Satoshi Nakamoto created the digital asset to make himself rich — not ‘for the people.’    

Bitcoin has a market cap value of over $1.2-Trillion however, so it wouldn’t dent the market forever if Satoshi sold all of his bag probably.  And on a higher positive note, he still invented the digital currency niche, so still any decentralized currency like “Mollars” takes inspiration from his efforts.   

How Much $SHIB Does Rysoshi of Shiba Inu Token Have?

Ryoshi and Shytoshi Kusama, founder & lead developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB) token, is said to have a similar supply but the actual numbers are not yet clear.   

The SHIBArmy ‘exposed’ developers & the founder for having billions of dollars in several different wallets, many of which have been inactive since Shiba Inu’s ICO launch.  It’s said between the two 17% of the total supply has been privately held since the token’s presale launch in 2019.

With the current market cap of Shiba Inu being reported at $14.9-Billion this would give Ryoshi and Shytoshi Kusmaa  a networth of around $2.5-Billion-dollars.

This amount would not make them 2 of the richest people in the world but it’s still generational wealth. And that $2.5-Billion-Dollar net worth would still be gained  in a way that was not overtly ‘transparent’ to crypto traders who bought Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens believing in the concept of decentralization.

On the positive side however, those that invested in Shiba Inu (SHIB) during its ICO stage just 5 years ago can’t complain. Many of them have since become a lot richer as well.  A recent report on Coinpedia estimates a $100 ICO investment would be worth over $2.5-million-dollars today.

Crypto on Reddit

However, it’s also key to remember when trading commodities that for every winner there has to be a loser.  For Satoshi and Ryoshi to win, cashing out these tokens at any point, someone has to lose; A point made clear by Mollars founder on reddit today.  

Mollars has built a substantial following on the reddit platform with nearly 2,600 followers.  Another testament to how strong the support for the Ethereum blockchain’s new Bitcoin has become.

There’s another 12,000 or so followers between Mollars other social media profiles; X (formerly twitter), Youtube, & Instagram.

How Many Mollars Should You Buy?

With only 4-million tokens available during the presale and 10-million available all-time, these social media factors are a strong indicator of an imminent sellout.   Whole $MOLLARS tokens will likely not be as inexpensive as today during its presale ($0.55).

About 15,000 followers on social media have purchased 2,586,382 Mollars tokens in the span of about 6 months. This is an average of 431,063 tokens being sold per month.  The average holding per person is just under 172 tokens.

With a remaining supply of 7.5-million tokens, Mollars total token supply could be gone in the early months of 2025 based on these analytics.  After that sellout point, the price of whole tokens will likely skyrocket from today’s offering of $0.55 (cents) and traders will instead get fractions of a whole token for the same price; very small fractions. 

Price projections for the Mollars token suggest it could increase by as much as 2400% or a 24x by the end of 2024.  Such growth is much dependent on the work of the preplanned marketing for the store-of-value asset’s post launch cycle.

Ethereum Blockchain Users Will Be Buying “Molls” Instead of Mollars For Same price

In the future as well, 1/100th of a whole Mollars token will be known as a ‘Moll.’  If the 24x price projection materializes, this means a Mollars token would reach the value of $12 [USD].  At that point, a ‘Moll’ or fractional would cost just around $0.12 [cents].  For the ICO price of today, a user will only get 8 Molls, fractional pieces, of a whole $MOLLARS token.    Such demand, is predictably a way that the price of Mollars would go into a ‘hyper parabolic’ uptrend.

In the case of Mollars going into a hyperbolic uptrend, which both Bitcoin (BTC) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have both done, the 24x projections by crypto analysts would look miniscule.

Why Mollars Price Could See Parabolic Uptrend

With over $1.9-million-dollars raised in funding and a structured marketing plan to execute post-launch on crypto exchanges, this parabolic uptrend does not seem unfathomable. In fact, it seems more likely than unlikely.

Crypto brands that start off with such massive sums from their presale, tend to do extremely well once on public crypto exchanges.   Mollars, if this token presale moves the maximum supply available in this ICO,will flex a healthy $1-million-dollar liquidity pool alongside a high level marketing team.   With the increase in branding value and liquidity, the token should be stable enough to continue expanding to other crypto exchanges beyond its first and gain the attention of major CEXES as it progresses.

The $MOLLARS token price should correlate to that growth and could meet an explosive point in or around June 2024.  It’s at this point the Mollars cryptocurrency exchange is expected to launch, which could increase scarcity of the store-of-value asset.   The decentralized exchange will rely on $MOLLARS tokens to complete cross-blockchain exchanges in some capacity.

An ERC-20 Altcoin That’s Different

The ‘use’ case and scarcity is something neither Bitcoin (BTC) nor Shiba Inu (SHIB) will do.  And this will be the first cryptocurrency of its kind where the owners and developers step away from the token, leaving it ownerless, while allowing no tokens from the total supply to be kept free.

And beyond the crypto dex utility, Mollars is still a low volume store-of-value digital asset.   Only 10-million tokens will be minted total; 4-Million are being sold during presale.

Currently at $0.55 [cents], if the ICO sells another few hundred thousand coins it will go into its sixth and final round.  In the 6th round, the $MOLLARS token will cost $0.60 (cents) and mark the final opportunity to buy the ‘New Bitcoin for Ethereum blockchain’ before it launches on a public crypto exchange(s).

Being an ERC-20 token, Mollars will actually offer crypto investors massive savings of up to 80% on trade transactions; buy, sell, and convert.  Based on the Ethereum-blockchain, the $MOLLARS token will be a layer-2 altcoin that operates faster than Bitcoin and completes transactions for much lower fees.

The Mollars token presale will close at the end of April, in 3 days.  Over 2.5-million tokens have been pre-sold as crypto traders anticipate the launch of the new store-of-value altcoin.

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