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New AI Meme Coin ICO WienerAI Laps Up $350,000

Thursday, April 25, 2024 – An enigmatic new presale for crypto’s latest canine sensation, AI meme coin WienerAI ($WAI), has already attracted over $350,000 in its first fortnight, as investors pile in for a tokenized piece of Ethereum’s new cybernetic sausage dog.

WienerAI recalls another successful recent token launch, canine meme coin and AI security token Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY), which netted close to $10 million in a recent presale.

Combining two hot niches, both $WAI and $SCOTTY have inspired investors with the promise of a new generation of coins that offer more laughs than run-of-the-mill AI coins and more utility than bog standard meme coins.

Intriguingly, WienerAI’s artificial intelligence utility is a card his team is playing close to its chest, for now, although there are a few hints. The main narratives surrounding the project are eye-watering staking rewards, currently offering yields of 1876% per annum, its verified audit, and the fun, community-building storyline.

$300K! Wiener Woofs!

Our Sausage Squad Is Unstoppable! pic.twitter.com/Ng3ii6WZcy

— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) April 24, 2024

WienerAI: The Only Sausage/Dog/AI Hybrid

To begin with, investors have probably never heard an origin story like this before. Like his predecessor, Scotty the AI, WienerAI arrives on the scene with a fully-formed backstory.

Wiener was born in a lab in New Silicon Valley, AD 2132. His progenitor is a mad puppy-loving scientist known as The Architect, whose life’s work was to create an advanced AI/canine hybrid.

Indeed, he succeeded, albeit with one caveat. The Architect was eating a sausage as he was performing the splicing procedure. The accidental result was WienerAI, a hybrid of the pup, AI, and sausage.

Now, the whitepaper mentions “companionship” and “friendship” as key parts of Wiener’s premise. It also mentions “The Sausage Army,” the endearing term for the legions of followers Wiener hopes to attract, so there are subtle hints at a strong social component.

He’s not the first crypto doge with an army, but he may be the best.

STAKE NOW and fill your wallet with beautiful Wieners!!!

Current staking apy is over 2000%!

Buy and stake here: https://t.co/FCpYSr1k8g


— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) April 21, 2024

WienerAI Wants To Take Over Crypto’s Doge Scene

The world’s first and favorite meme coin, Dogecoin ($DOGE), also has an army: the self-styled “Doge Army”, but Wiener is aiming for a wider community and he has a decent battle cry to help him rally his sausage forces.

See, Dogecoin is one tired pupper. Launched in 2013, Dogecoin is housed on its own blockchain, which is a spin on Bitcoin. Dogecoin employs a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which means that it’s the miners with access to the most power and/or computation that bag the most DOGE.

In a world of rising atmospheric temperatures and international climate targets, PoW is a growing concern among more conscientious investors.

WienerAI’s native chain, Ethereum, employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where the miners that stake the most ETH get the most rewards. This is well over 99% more energy efficient than Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Secondly, in an industry that was rocked by near-constant scandals and liquidity crises in the last two years, WienerAI offers the security of proper auditing. The WienerAI smart contract was audited by Coinsult, a blockchain security platform that conducts security checks on various crypto and blockchain platforms. This gives investors added confidence in WienerAI.

Lastly, there’s the daily staking rewards. Some 20% of $WAI’s supply is earmarked for staking. Buyers can stake during the presale, and are in fact encouraged to do so on the website, in order to take advantage of the lucrative 1876% APY on offer at present.

Mysterious he may be, but it’s no mystery why investors are piling into WienerAI’s new presale.

Keep on top of WienerAI’s latest developments on X/Twitter and Telegram.

Join the presale now over on the website.

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