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Worldcoin Hopes to Resolve ‘Differences’ with Argentinian Authorities

Worldcoin officials want to smooth out their “differences” with Argentina regulators, with Tools for Humanity CEO Alex Blania visiting President Javier Milei’s advisors this week.

Per a report from Infobae (via La Nueva Radio Suarez), Blania has recently met with several government officials.

The media outlet explained that the Tools for Humanity chief met with Demian Reidel, a member of Milei’s Council of Advisors.

Worldcoin Argentina Plans Hit Hurdle?

Worldcoin has enjoyed considerable popularity in Argentina, where it reportedly operates over 50 iris-scanning centers.

The media outlet Criptonoticias reported that “it is estimated that 3 million people” have “handed over their data” in exchange for WLD tokens.

The project’s popularity in Argentina dwarfs that of any other nation in the Latin American region, despite a rise in Mexican and Chilean users.

However, Tools for Humanity has had to contend with an almost constant slew of pushback from the Argentinian authorities.

In 2023, the nation’s data protection agency, the Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP), launched a probe.

It also summoned company officials, demanding that they show the operator is taking steps to avoid possible violations of the nation’s Personal Data Protection Law.

The AAIP has also asked for written explanations, demanding to know what types of data it processes “and for what purposes.”

Sam Altman and Alex Blania engage with top Malaysian officials to strengthen ties following temporary bans in Europe and heightened global scrutiny regarding data privacy concerns.#worldcoin #wldhttps://t.co/BNaDgoUrRz

— Cryptonews.com (@cryptonews) April 24, 2024

‘Data Concerns’ Worry Regulators

As is the case in other nations, Argentina controls the amount of time companies are allowed to retain citizens’ data.

The agency also wants Worldcoin officials to provide information about the safety of the devices they use to perform facial and iris scanning.

Worldcoin, founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has announced new features to enhance personal data protection and age verification.#Worldcoinhttps://t.co/7yj7TvELUX

— Cryptonews.com (@cryptonews) April 9, 2024

The government agency has also concluded that Worldcoin “does not have a legal presence” or “formal offices” in the country.

The firm has faced further issues in the province of Buenos Aires. Local ministry officials in the province have begun their own investigations.

Two lawmakers in the province’s legislative body have also called for authorities to step in.

WLD prices over the past seven days. (Source: CoinMarketCap)

One called for the Buenos Aires Governor to take action. And another has launched a draft bill that, if passed would regulate Worldcoin and other projects like it in Buenos Aires.

The Provincial Directorate for the Defense of Consumer Rights has also investigated alleged Worldcoin “contracts” that could “violate the National Consumer Defense Law.”

Argentina Ban Still Unlikely?

However, while scrutiny and controversy continue, talk of an outright, Kenya-style suspension of Worldcoin operations is yet to gather pace in Argentina.

Argentina lower house approves Milei reform bill, detailed vote underway https://t.co/EvZ5SJKVyk pic.twitter.com/3JGLT4bnCn

— Reuters (@Reuters) April 30, 2024

Blania, who reportedly met with various “figures from different sectors in the government sphere,” will doubtlessly hope his visit will put an end to such talk. The firm was quoted as saying:

“Worldcoin complies with the highest global standards governing the processing of personal data.”

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