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Web3 Games in Focus: Nyan Heroes’ Epic Games Return, Shrapnel’s Card Integration, and The Sandbox’s Coach Battle

Web3 games are having an excellent week, with Nyan Heroes, Shrapnel, and The Sandbox in the spotlight.

Quite a few new developments hit the market over the past three days, including partnerships to bring TV competitions into the metaverse with special perks for players, debuting the rank mode of popular hero shooters, and simplifying in-game purchases.

Here are some of the most notable news.

Nyan Heroes Returns to Epic Games for Ranked Mode Test, Reveals Airdrop and Cheater Rules

On Wednesday, Web3 hero shooter Nyan Heroes announced that it re-opened its servers to debut ranked mode in gaming giant Epic Games.

The new ranked mode is available from May 8 through May 26, said the announcement.

“Ranked Mode is the ultimate test of skill and strategy, where players battle it out to climb the ranks and prove their prowess,” it said.

Players gain Matchmaking Rating (MMR) by winning matches and can climb up the leaderboard to the top Champion Rank.

It’s time to Hunt.

Catnip can be found and earned many ways with skill as a key factor for this Season; with several other ways to earn! Just have fun!

There’s Catnip in the air.

Season 2 – “Hunt For Catnip” is in full swing!

Join here https://t.co/5FP6nCx1xl

— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) May 8, 2024

Furthermore, season 2 of the NYAN Airdrop campaign is live, with more challenges and rewards, including a rare CATNIP.

Season 2 also brings a new anti-cheat to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage by altering their game files.

Meanwhile, Nyan Heroes pre-alpha saw 1.3 million user registrations, 700,000 connected UAWs, 200,000 downloads, 45,000 DAUs, and other achievements.

Shrapnel Unveils Debit and Credit Card Integration for Token Purchases in

Web3 Games

AAA first-person extraction shooter Shrapnel has unveiled a new feature that enables players to purchase SHRAP tokens using a credit or debit card.

While players previously had to buy the token from an exchange, thanks to the latest integration with Halliday’s onramp, they can now convert fiat into SHRAP using Moonpay or Stripe as payment gateways.

They can then use SHRAP to buy in-game equipable cosmetics and use them in early versions of the gameplay, released incrementally in the Epic Games Store.

The third Shrapnel Training Exercise (STX3) will take place on May 16-18.

“In the future, the SHRAP token will enable the trading and sale of a variety of in-game user-generated content,” the team said.

Couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the @playSHRAPNEL team!

Shrapnel is the combination of a AAA gameplay loop with high-performance blockchain mechanics. Get ready for blockchain FPS! https://t.co/qCpIwjiq56

— Griffin Dunaif (@griffintier) May 7, 2024

Meanwhile, Shrapnel launched on the Epic Games Store in March. Its creators, Neon Machine, closed a $20 million Series A raise in late 2023.

Also, notably, Messari’s State of Avalanche Q1 2024 report found Shrapnel to be “a core contributor” to Avalanche’s growth. Shrapnel had “a strong quarter,” with average daily transactions increasing 4,493% QoQ from 4,200 to 193,300.

‘The Voice’ Partners with The Sandbox to Debut ‘Coach Battle’

Decentralized metaverse and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, announced its official partnership with the award-winning metaverse builder Virtual Brand Group (VBG) and their collaborator ITV Studios  to launch ‘The Voice Coach Battle.’

This Web3 gaming experience will be based on ITV Studios’ ‘The Voice’ TV format with 155 adaptations around the world, said the press release

‘The Voice Coach Battle’ allows fans anywhere in the world “to act like a celebrity coach and sit in the show’s iconic red chair, hit the big red button, and lead talent to stardom in a game that adapts to each choice you make, ensuring a unique experience with each playthrough.”

Play Now https://t.co/EtdlBgBime

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) May 8, 2024

Just like the real show, the Web3 game’s journey starts with a blind audition.

Fans progress through interactive quests and quizzes to prepare their talent for the Live Show. They need to select music, choose a wardrobe, perfect stage lighting, and more.

A player’s selection changes the outcome of their performers’ scores based on a brand-new game logic technology.

They also get help from four new celebrity coaches.

Lastly, among other perks, players will receive an exclusive limited NFT each week they correctly predict which NBC’s ‘The Voice’ contestants (now airing) will advance and ultimately win.


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