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New Coin Baby Apu Apustaja (BAPU) Up 8,500% in 24 Hours as PlayDoge Becomes the Next Big Project to Watch

Ethereum meme coin markets are back with a bang, as major coins like DogWifHat (WIF) post sensational overnight gains, and leading the pack this morning is Baby Apu Apustaja (BAPU).

This article will provide an analysis of BAPU’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new GameFi presale, PlayDoge, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Never kick $BAPU while he is down. He will find his Dada $APU if it’s the last thing he does. It’s inevitable, we aren’t stopping! pic.twitter.com/InEO2OSeQm

— Baby Apu Apustaja (@bapuapustaja) May 28, 2024

Baby Apu Apustaja has shot into the spotlight due to its excellent project fundamentals, matched with a creative marketing campaign across Crypto X, depicting lost Baby Apu Apustaja on his way to find his superstar dad Apu Apustaja (APU) – who recently exploded to a $250m market cap.

BAPU Price Analysis: Is Baby Apu Apustaja About to Ignite An Earthquake Rally For PlayDoge?

In a stunning technical rally, Baby Apu Apustaja has hit lift-off overnight, with market price currently standing at $0.000000059 (representing a 24-hour change of +8,522%).

The rally kicked off almost immediately at launch, with the coin rapidly unlocking viral traction amongst Ethereum meme coin traders.

Initial excitement fuelled major gains, with BAPU price accelerating to hit a local all-time high at $0.00000007 around 3AM (UTC), despite small profit taking behavior from paper-handed early-backers, retracement from here only saw a -15% drop.

With taker buys cutting short any major downside move, buy pressure remains strong, representing 57% of transactions in the past hour.

With paper hand jeets being rapidly eaten up, BAPU price is holding higher support above $0.000000055 – suggesting the next leg-up is just around the corner.

Furthermore, the value incentive here remains incredibly alluring, with a rare honest developer locking initial liquidity for 3 months and the appeal of a meager $250k market cap.

Let’s put that in perspective for a second. Baby Apu Apustaja’s Father, Apu Apustaja, currently has a $250M market cap.

If BAPU captures just 10% of APU’s market cap, hitting $25M would represent a 100x gain from current price levels.

But of course, gains are not guaranteed and it remains to be seen whether the hype for this project will fizzle out before it reaches those levels.

Discover Viral GameFi Presale: PlayDoge – Delivering 90s Nostalgia to Meme Market

In a move sending a shockwave across the BSC chain, the PlayDoge presale has erupted with instant viral traction that has so far seen the presale surge to $260k raised in its first day.

Have you sat back watching Dogcoins explode across the market? Have you been waiting for a meme coin with genuine fun utility? Look no further than PlayDoge.


Buy $PLAY tokens in #Presale now! #PlayDoge #MemeCoin #P2E #Pokemon #BNB pic.twitter.com/KmuUQEoE7f

— PlayDoge (@PlayDogeGame) May 28, 2024

In a Tamagotchi-style 2D crypto gaming experience, PlayDoge enables players to own and grow their very own Doge in a high-octane environment propelled by PlayDoge’s impressive P2E ecosystem (based around the PLAY token).

Imagine being amongst the first investors in a hugely popular meme coin with viral potential.

This is your chance – so don’t miss your opportunity to get in early at the start of a new skyrocket.

Buy PLAY Here

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